new internal order



the nights overflow into days illuminated by the light from  

          the flames

of the hell born from the void created  by your absence


without your proximity

the elementary particles of my universe scatter into    

          complete chaos


the air burns in rivers of blue mud





















early fog




       i have searched for you in all the places you were not


       the gods will soften the obscuring mist

       and ease my vision


       so that far and wide valleys could then be in view

       grabable bits of sugary foliage to be caressed

       and you

       the centerpiece of my primordial landscape composition

       within sight
























     i would cover your body with words         every       day

     if it did not constitute a bore


     i would undress your soul with Blase-ure


     a rude kiss



































                   i love you said i as the clouds b

                   urs        t ed


                   dazzled mazed slow

                   moving cornerstones dragging fires both

                                 luminous and coarse

                   breathing situations perspired as

                   the moon beckons        ye lo

                        raggety  melo dees





















                   you no longer give thanks when i kiss the

                   most intimate sacrilege

                   carelessly it falls into pieces the





                   they become fruit-less

                   sti-mulations and


                         to caress i want

                   the inexhaustible will to search



                   a sweet hunger without reply
























without knowing you



     i shall find you even if it takes an

     eternal desire reduced to


     remember that

     under sweet and noisy moonlight bursting storms in the

     clear night

















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