CROUGA was a God, venerated by the Lusitanians in the mountainous regions of the centre of

present day Portugal, today known as Beira,  with its cult founded specifically around the present city of



God of Destruction and of Magic.


Equivalent to the Irish God, Crom Cruaich, with probable link to the word meaning “stone”, “craic” in

Irish (Gaeilge). Crum Cruaich could also mean something like “Curved Head”. They were Gods to

whom sacrifices were made, like lamb. To Crum Cruaich, it is thought that were also sacrificed the first

born of each clan. Being first born, it was the object of destruction/criation, in a symbolic way.


Also equivalent to the Welsh God, Pen Crug.


Destruction and criation/criativity are intimately linked, especially by way of magic, present in the act of

criation. When the process of criativity is executed, as in the arts, there is the necessity to

manipulate/destroy raw material, converting it in a new reality, a criation.