the manyths



     2                                    trans

     favours numerals

     I AM mi                              a

     ripping seas for incomplete




                            M      Kk

     maybe         synchronising the participating parts          by means



















a long long long time



                          beware poets bearing

                          a thousand years as eternity

                          for a thousand years is

                          but a brief interruption of matter














than kyou eec



                                    there-on ce was a pe

                                    lican hope numbness

                                    gracious-be struck

                                    a light-ning sort of

                                    yelo ing toone















jazzy pink ta



tt tt tssst tt        T        ttrrra pan pan pan petarapetan tararan tsssss PAN PANNN

ououn oun oun oun tt tt tt tt tt t eeEEE        ee ee ee pan taran pantan TAU          teran

tt tt SsSsSss SsSsSss m m m m PAU            petanranpetan tssSssSss tan petan p pt p p

p pt p r tererereran tan t tssSssSss tutude te te re tt  tt tt t peta ra PAU pan PANNN

teraran tt tt tt tt SsSsSsSs s tuterururovu meroruroru meruru       te      tan  TANNN

pm pm           tabeta tichra pavapan t prbpt prbpt ttttt tfu siuP tsiutute tannnran p p

p p Ts ts ts tss Ts ts ts tss pan  pe tan t t t  t  t  te tandAN  t t t te tandAN t tan ran t

tan ran              toofueee toofu e EEE


















sun day driver



                        there's a rooadrunner on the





                                               so  f a s t


                        atten c i o n

                                      we have

                                      acce l e r a t i o n

                        fa s t e r   than the speed of    light







                               pled tortoise at LARGE































                          i used to be a little bit better

                          turning a little bit worst

                          till i butter till i wetter till i burst















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