tradmania  is an internet locality, where poetry translations is

the theme. Translating poestry implies not only the fundamental

dominion of two languages (the two languages involed in the

translation), but also the poetic capacity and sensibility, able to be

true to the artistic creation in the origional poem.


In this virtual space, it will be possible to find translations from and to

various languages, with the English language on one of the sides.


Books, poems, drawings, informations, animations are some of the

facets of translating poetry here to be found.


Participations, commentaries or requests for translation are

welcomed. To do so, just make contact using the following e-mail:































Text Box: There are sea-coloured dreams
poem by Florbela Espanca
translation by António de Campos

There are sea-coloured dreams
In my quatrains, immersed,
If you wish with me to dream,
Sing softly my verse.

Andam sonhos cor do mar
(original poem in Portuguese)

Andam sonhos cor do mar
Nas minhas quadras, imersos,
Se queres comigo sonhar,
Canta baixinho os meus versos.























Text Box: diary
poem by António de Campos
from the book “Amut”
translation by António de Campos

	i would cover your body with words         every       day
	if it did not constitute a bore

	i would undress your soul with Blase-ure

a rude kiss


(original poem in Portuguese)

cobria com palavras o teu corpo       todos       os       dias
se não fosse maçada

despia a tua alma com Braza-er

um beijo rude
























































Text Box: The Insupportable Anguish of People
poem by Álvaro de Campos (Fernando Pessoa)
translation by António de Campos

Oh, where I am where I pass, or where I am not nor pass,
The devouring banality of faces from all the people!
Oh, the insupportable anguish of people!
The unconvertible fatigue of seeing and hearing!

(Murmur of another time of personal creeks, of my forest.) 

I wanted to vomit what I saw, for the nausea of what I have seen,
Stomach of the spirit revolted from I being…

A Angústia Insuportável de Gente
(original poem in Portuguese)

Ah, onde estou onde passo, ou onde não estou nem passo,
A banalidade devorante das caras de toda a gente!
Ah, a angustia inconvertivel de ver e ouvir!

(Murmúrio outrora de regatos próprios, de arvoredo meu.)

Queria vomitar o que vi, só da nausea de o ter visto,
Estômago da alma alvorotado de eu ser…
































Text Box: i am a ghost
poem by António de Campos
translation by António de Campos

they pass by me
the people like wind
do not see me

i see life as it runs
In front of me

how the years have passed
yes i
am somewhere

sou um fantasma
(original poem in Portuguese)

passam por mim 
as pessoas como vento
não me vêem

vejo a vida que corre
à minha frente

como os anos passaram
sim eu
fiquei algures


















































Text Box: paisagem sem cores
poema de António de Campos
tradução de António de Campos

the coldness is sweet to my eyes
and almost warms my (soul)
there is no wind to chill my body—
i take in a breath of peace... in this white horizon

tomorrow it will be different
mud will reign
today the coldness is tender
my friend and

paisaige sin quelores
(original poem in Mirandese)

l friaige yê doce para ls mius uolhos
i quaije calce l’(alma)
nun há biento para gilar l cuorpo—
resfolgo la paç... neste hourizonte albo

manhana será defrente
la lhama reinará
hoije l friaige yê carinoso
miu amio i